Messages from our Advertisers

“Yes! We do want to participate in your fine publication again this year.”

- SmartCuts

“Nothing delivers as well as the HVG and Joe is a great guy to work with!”

- Mellow Mushroom

“We decided not to use a coupon this mailing. We still received a new customer the day after it arrived in the mail.”

- Fountain of Youth Day Spa

“I love the Hometown Value Guide. It's been, by far, the best advertising that we've ever spent our money on. We definitely see the best return from the Hometown Value Guide.”

- The Hop Ice Cream Cafe

“Always delivers positive ROI.”

- Chammies Car Wash

“By far, our most effective advertising piece. The residual effect...people bringing in the ad two and three months later, that's something I don't get from anything else that I've tried.”

- Carolina Ace Hardware, HVL

“High quality, consistent results, easy to work with, and affordable!”

- NuWay Dry Cleaners

“The increase in business we receive when the magazines are mailed is larger than the actual number coupons redeemed. Exposure in HVG is a huge value in addition to the power of the coupons!”

- Blue Sky Cafe

“We have had great success with the HVG coupon ad! It has brought us many people who have never been in our shop before. We are excited to see how this will help grow our business.”

- Sweet Frog HVL

“We get new clients every time it mails.”

- Asheville Arborists

“We always get an incredible response, and it brings in quality customers.”

- Asheville Pizza & Brewing