7 things we learned from readers

#7 - “Hometown Value Guide is filled with local businesses.”
We are useful for people who live in the neighborhood

#6 - “I like the way Hometown Value Guide looks and feels.”
That’s why we have not made our magazine smaller in size or reduce the quality of our paper

#5 - “The Hometown Value Guide gives me a reason to return to a business I haven’t been to in a while.”
Bringing back an old or lost customer is always good for the "bottom line"

#4 - “Each Hometown Value Guide helps me to get to know quality businesses are in town.”
We all like to make a good impression + Quality begets quality

#3 - “I like the variety of useful ads and, of course, the savings in our Hometown Value Guide!”
Smart people like to save, wealthy people like to save…Who wants smart, wealthy customers?

#2 - “My family looks for the next Hometown Value Guide issue in our mailbox.”
A captive and receptive audience means our advertisers make positive impressions – thousands of them….tens of thousands!

#1 - “The Hometown Value Guide gives me a reason to try someplace new.”
Somewhat the “holy grail” of marketing...we are proud to deliver new customers to our advertisers